Moving Tips and Hacks for your relocation

If you are moving there are tons of moving tips you should know before making arrangements with a moving company.  Read this article to gain some insight and get some valuable suggestions for your move!

1. Research, Research, Research

Have you done your research? Doing proper research will ease your stress and help you to find the appropriate company for your move.  You can research by doing google searches online, looking on sites such as Yelp, My Moving Reviews and more, and by asking people you know for suggestions and tips.

If you are looking for a Florida Interstate Mover you have many options as Florida is a relocation hot spot and attracts quite a few moving companies to set up operations.  Over 3 million people move every year.  There are so many resources!  Don’t forget that and be sure to properly utilize them all!

2. What is your budget for the move?

Do you have any particular budget for your move.  If you do and if it is low, be sure to save some extra money because moving is not something you want to go too cheap with.  Movers charge in the thousands and finding someone on Craigslist who says they will move you cross country for $600 should definitely raise some red flags.  Why?  Because it just is not possible.  Once you figure out your budget you will know if you can use a full service moving company and if you can afford for them to do most of the packing, or if you will need to do most if it yourself.  You will also need to know how your movers charge.  Do you have several flights of stairs they will need to use to transport your belongings?  If so, you should inquire because this would be an expensive add-on.

3. Is your Home Mover Friendly?

A home that is mover friendly would be one that is large and spacious enough to move large heavy items through with ease.  If you are in an apartment complex and need an apartment mover, make sure you let them know if they will need to move furniture up and down stairs.  You should also be aware if there is an additional charge for going up stairs.  This is a very important factor you need to carefully consider.  Taking measurements and knowing in advance will save a headache during the move.

4. Do You Have Appropriate Boxes?

Do you already have boxes to pack up smaller items for your move.  If you are hiring a full service moving company, they may or may not charge you for moving boxes.  Walking into your local Target or Walmart and asking an employee if they have any spare boxes is also an option.  This is something I have done many times and has often yielded positive results.  You can also purchase boxes from a staples but it would be best to find them wholesale or free.  Sites such as Craigslist are an excellent resource.  You can do a search in the free section of the site which is found as one of the categories in “for sale”.  If you go to the search bar and search for boxes you are sure to come up with quite a few results.  You can also purchase garment boxes or other boxes on sites such as Uline.  Freecycle and Uhaul Box Exchange are also two wonderful resources where you can post to a message board to locate some free boxes in your area.

Have you checked your workplace?  Your workplace also provides a valuable opportunity to obtain some free boxes without having to travel far to get them.  The final suggestion I will give you is to check your local grocery store.

5. Do You Have Pets?

I am not suggesting packing up your pets and putting them in a moving van.  I have this item on the list because I had a personal experience with moving that was not handled well.  I have a cat who I had to move, and she is a very nervous cat.  The movers came and it presented a problem as she was very upset and she also scared some one of the movers who does not like cats.  Another mover was unfortunately very allergic to my pet.  I realized I should have prepared for my move better by taking my pet situation into consideration.

6. Transferring Accounts to your New Residence

When I moved, I was very eager to switch everything over so as not to pay anything extra and to stay organized.  This is fine for certain home accounts.  But your heat and electric accounts are different.

I completely understand wanting to shut off electricity when you move so you do not pay anything extra than you should.  Same goes for heat and hot water- which isn’t such a bad thing to do unless you are moving during the winter.  I actually shut off my electricity before my movers came to my home.  I knew I was moving during the day and I was eager to cancel and change all of my accounts to my new home.  When I did this, I hadn’t really considered the chance of being caught in the dark and not being able to properly perform the moving service.  I would suggest updating your account once everything is out of your home and you are all moved.

7. Quotes and more Quotes

Getting a free quote is a very smart thing to do prior to moving.  You can get a free quote from many of the companies you find online so it’s important to have an idea of what moving companies are pricing your move at.  If you use a Florida Interstate Mover it is very common to get quick on the spot quotes that are easy and accurate.  Also, if you get several quotes and one of them is completely different than the others, it will be a good way to detect either a potential red flag or a potential deal.

8.  Do all email inquiries from an email you create for your move.

This is a great suggestion people often don’t think about until they have already begun research.  This will prevent annoying spam followups you will receive from doing all of the research you will need to do to ensure a great move experience

Top 10 Moving Hacks

Things you probably never thought to do to make a move easier!

Moving is never easy especially when you have to pack the stuff all by yourself. Or even, when you hire a moving company, there are still some things that you have to do on your own because the movers do not take responsibility for it such as organizing things and making a mark on each carton/box/suitcase to have a better idea of the insights. If you have ever experienced moving or are going through the exhausting procedure, then you must be now aware of the complications that make the moving even more difficult.

Things that you earlier thought were easy but now you’ve changed your stance, welcome to the stressful job i.e. moving with the all the essentials packed in a collection of boxes that are extremely tough to both pack and unpack.

Here are top 10 moving hacks that will help you to making the moving easier and convenient even after shifting to the destination.

  1. Get the cartons from the nearby supermarts for free:

Don’t buy the cartons, make a smart move and get them for free from the nearby supermart by asking their salesperson to lend you some that are of no use to them.

  1. Put the first day things in a separate container:

Pack smartly by putting all of your first-day things in a separate container like a laundry basket to have an easier access to the essential items needed on the first day.

  1. Use plastic wrap to fix the things in the same box:

Plastic wraps are the best saviors when it comes to dividing sections in the same box by putting different things in it, use them to pack the things tightly.

  1. Pack the fragile items in a spare cloth:

Clothes or bubble wraps are the best things to use to pack the fragile items in so that they don’t break in the rough shipping procedure.

  1. Label the boxes each with a separate color theme:

Label and color theme the boxes to have a better idea of what’s inside the box and to which does it belong to save more time and energy.

  1. Clean while packing:

Cleaning while packing is the best thing to do because it is easier too as compared to doing it later, after shifting in the chaos.

  1. Use all the suitcases and bags for packing:

Utilize all the suitcases and bags available in your home to save space and saving money on the extra cartons/boxes.

  1. Make different boxing for each category:

Packing different things of each category such as hardware, toiletries etc. in a different box is helpful in unpacking later.

  1. Get rid of the unnecessary items:

Do this to prevent the extra space that is gained by the unnecessary items, either sale them, giveaway, or dump them.

  • Pack the books in a wheeled suitcase:

This way, your books will not tear the cartons, remain in place, and easier to move as well.

Try this top 10 moving hacks to save yourself some time, energy, and money while relocating to a new location.

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